Agility Equine Massage Therapy


I offer a large range of equine massage services.

  • Detect causes of muscular stress
  • Manipulate soft tissue structures
  • Physical stess relief
  • Emotional stress relief

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Why Equine Massage Therapy?


All horses have physical demands placed upon them which can result in the formation of physical and emotional stress. If left untreated these conditions can often progress in to more serious, long-term problems

For more information, see "Why Choose Equine Massage Therapy?".

Why choose us at Agility Equine Massage?


I have 18 years experience in the equine industry, both in the UK and the US. I currently work as Yard Manager for one of Britain's most successful horse racing yards, having recently helped to train a Grand National winner.


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Agility Equine Massage

Dominique Dainton-McElroy
N.A.R.M.E.T Distinction
021 083 76705

Where do I cover?

Auckland and beyond.

North Island New Zealand

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